Clear Lake Farm of Lamont FL, INC
Address: 15824 N US 19 Lamont, FL, 32336
Phone: 850-251-5492
About Us
Our small family farm was established in 2010 with the goal of raising our own healthy sustainable food while living harmoniously with nature. We started with chickens for eggs, then added pigs and goats to clear underbrush of woods with the initial intention of clearing the land for cows. But somewhere along the way I discovered I really enjoyed raising hogs and goats! And it is so much cooler under the shade of our oak trees, we can enjoy the outdoor summers for longer periods of time and so do the animals. The few acres that were cleared, have become a fruit orchard offering organically grown persimmons & citrus. Silva pasture techniques are used to raise meat chickens on the grasses between the fruit trees and in return the chicken manure left behind fertilizes the trees. The chickens are moved daily to fresh grasses in a chicken tractor.
All of our animals receive non GMO certified feeds and free range in woods for additional nutrients. The pigs eat acorns, grubs/insects from decaying tree limbs, truffles (yes they exist here!) and receive goat milk products: whey from cheese making on a regular basis, with occasional extra goat milk and cheeses as treats.
Hampshire & Yorkshire cross hogs are the breed we prefer as they are local to this area. Not only do they tolerate the heat & humidity of North Florida, but they stay healthy and successfully reproduce without any help from humans. Our bloodline has been established by local farmers and goes back many generations.
Our farm motto is "We feed you the way we feed our family"
While our farm is not certified organic, we follow organic practices. Primarily we use manures from chickens, goats & rabbits for garden fertilizers, along with worm castings from our vermicomposting bins. All animals are treated humanely, free ranging and receive non-GMO feeds. Fruit trees also receive Espoma Organic fertilizer supplements.