Expanding Circles Bakery, LLC
Contact: Michael Hicks
Address: 524 N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tallahassee, FL, 32301
Email Address:
Phone: 240-416-6523
About Us
Expanding Circles Bakery operates in the Frenchtown Commercial Kitchenshare. We produce small scale artisan breads, bagels, and pastry (donuts and cinnamon rolls). Michael Hicks is the head baker, and has been a kitchen professional since 2015. Michael Hicks worked in Portland, Maine over the course of two years, one of the most breadcentric parts of the country. After working at BLVL in downtown Portland, and being inspired by other bakers at events like the Kneading Conference and Bread Fest in Skowhegan, Maine; Michael returned to Tallahassee and his home since 2011. Expanding Circles Bakery was started in Michael's home kitchen as a cottage industry bakehouse, until incorporating and beginning operations in the commercial space this January. Trey Neece, a Tallahassee native and jack of all trades, is the co-owner and second lead in the kitchen. You might also meet Jessica, our market leader and aesthetic master -- creator of our beautiful signage.
We use local, organic flour from Athens, Georgia (Dayspring Farms). Local chicken and duck eggs come from Earthshine Acres farm. We use local citrus and herbs from around Tallahassee as well as from Treehouse Permaculture Farm. We use local milk from Southern Craft Creamery. We also source some flour from North Carolina, organic of course. We have no organic certifications, but I do my very best when sourcing ingredients, as well as priding ourselves on transparency. We are always happy to answer questions about sourcing and practices, as we are very proud of the communities we help support and participate in. As the company grows, we will seek opportunities to teach and educate our community on bread, baking, and the science behind it all.