Off the Bluff Farms LLC
Address: 2404 Jackson Bluff Rd Tallahassee, Fl, 32304
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Phone: 954-540-4269
About Us
Off the Bluff Farms is the result of a life long love of food and a run in with the fabled vine ripened tomato. That first bite of juicy, flavorful, tomato straight off the vine inspires us to bring that experience to anyone who seeks it.
We are a collection of biodiverse market gardens growing seasonal non-gmo fruits and vegetables. Broadforking, composting, and a collection of other soil building practices help us grow the soil life that packs nutrition into our produce. Using whole-system, permaculture design we plant and manage our sites to create a balanced pest predator relationship eliminating the need to spray harmful chemicals. I am notorious for eating things straight off the plant and sometimes the ground so nothing goes onto our produce or into our soil that would ruin that joy for me or anyone else with a passion