Bumpy Road Farm
Address: 232 Deer Ridge Trail Tallahassee, FL, 32312
Email Address:
Phone: 850-491-1405
About Us
Bumpy Road Farm is located in northern Leon County on the northwest shoulder of Lake Iamonia on what was the old Bannerman Plantation. Even before our farm was a cotton plantation Native Americans peacefully lived here and grew "The Three Sisters", corn, beans and squash. State Archives has a high interest in our farm, and has uncovered an ancient Indian Village right exactly where our raised bed gardens produce the vegetables that you will see on our table on market days!

Visitors are welcome to visit us with a simple phone call to confirm our being on the farm. You will see how we produce the vegetables that we offer you using naturally grown organic methods though we are not yet registered as "Naturally Grown". Our methods are "pesticide and chemical free" and we will keep it that way! Being one of the small group of local farmers producing the very best farm products for you is our goal!
100% Natural Organic Methods.